Shelley Biermanski

Thank you for visiting my website. If my opinions or articles represent your ideologies I would greatly appreciate your vote to elect Shelley Biermanski for Mayor on October 21, 2013. I have raised my children in and have been part of the St. Albert community since 1989. I have seen many changes to our city. Some changes have been beneficial. Recent changes have lacked direction and are in conflict with St. Albert’s most important stakeholders, the residents. I would like the opportunity to get St. Albert back on the track of what is best from the community perspective. What makes us strong and unified will again become the driving factor of change in St. Albert. I am running for Mayor because I believe strong leadership is essential to being productive and effective. I have lost faith in many politicians simply being on their own agenda and I know that I can represent the people as they deserve to be represented. I believe St. Albert could be better and government could do better for its citizens who all contribute so greatly. I will restore your faith in responsible, beneficial leadership. I will make a difference in our community by representing our community’s needs and wants, not my own. I would like to be the example to others that you can make a difference in your community and not all politicians have a personal agenda.
I will be YOUR Mayor.


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